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1 years

Mondo Guerra's Take on 'Project Runway': From Textiles to Tears

Bradon McDonald inspired by Nigel Sylvester, Pro BMX Rider

I'm glad Bradon scrapped his original floor-length skirt idea -- too fussy. The "sporty-chic" vibe of this look captures the energy of his next-gen innovator much better. His print is lively, animated and feels very urban. But isn't it essentially an abstract plaid? With Bradon's big ideas, his print felt a little restrained to me.


Dom Streater inspired by Pramal Shah, President of Kiva.org

Social media fans drew a lot of comparisons between Dom's design and a couple of mine from season eight and All Stars season one. I see the resemblance, sure -- but Dom definitely has her own aesthetic. The quilted "neck ring" detail and tribal styling gave this look the international flavor she was aiming for. It has strong graphic impact and is a very wearable. A success!


Helen Castillo inspired by Ryan Keeley, Artist

Helen's star-spangled separates intrigued the judges. It's a cool concept but my biggest criticism is that it doesn't reflect her next-gen muse whatsoever. Ryan's work is so bold and colorful that this design looks like a blank canvas in comparison. But for all the stress she put herself through in the workroom, she pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this look.


Alexandria von Bromssen inspired by Ilana Greenberg, Creative Director at GD USA Magazine

This design looks very similar to the one that landed Alexandria and her team in the bottom for the Lexus unconventional challenge. Her Achilles' heel has consistently been proportion -- it's just not working here. This is such a confusing look and her print is completely unremarkable. It looks like old wallpaper.


Alexander Pope inspired by Thiago Silva, Executive Pastry Chef at T-ago's Cakes

I don't mind this silhouette, but the print didn't read on the runway and the white stripe treatment was distracting. I wish Alexander would have indulged his costume designing background and served up more cake and less communion wafer.


Justin LeBlanc inspired by Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012

Heidi Klum said Justin's design was "hard to look at" and Peter Som said this dress was "depressed." I agree that the transition from the bodice to the skirt was pretty rough but I was surprised the judges hated this gown so much.


Kate Pankoke

This is just unfortunate. First off, where is the print? Second, the starburst pleats completely overwhelmed this look. And lastly, what's up with that belt...? Kate took a big risk with this design and it did not pay off.

The Judges' Decisions

Comeback kid Dom strikes again, earning her second win of the season. She and her next generation innovator Pramal Shah will both receive an HP technology suite. Congrats, Dom!

Heidi stunned the designers this week with a double elimination, sending both Alexander and Kate packing. Poor Kate was almost inconsolable with regret. How auf-ful...!