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'Parenthood' Co-Stars Say Adam and Crosby's New Receptionist 'Causes a Lot of Problems'

Alexandra Daddario, who is the recording studio’s latest addition Rachel, and Monica Potter talk to THR about just how ugly things will get for the Bravermans.

Parenthood Alexandra Daddario - P 2011

Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby Braverman’s (Dax Shepard) new venture, the Luncheonette, is hiring – and its newest addition may be causing more trouble than anticipated.

White Collar alum Alexandra Daddario joins Parenthood as the recording studio’s new receptionist Rachel in tonight’s episode, “In-Between,” and if the previews are any indication, jealousy, awe and annoyance are at play.

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“Adam and Crosby are just starting their business and they end up hiring me,” Daddario tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s someone who’s very passionate about music and she ends up causing problems.”

Her entrance into the Braverman fold can’t come at a worse time. While Adam struggles to balance his home life with his professional responsibilities working at a start-up, Crosby is reeling from Jasmine’s (Joy Bryant) desire to move on romantically. Monica Potter, who plays Adam’s wife Kristina on the NBC drama, hinted that Rachel would be an obstacle Kristina and Adam would have to work through. “She causes a lot problems, yes. She's not a problem for Crosby, she's going to be a problem for Adam,” Potter reveals to THR. (Watch a clip of Rachel and Kristina’s awkward encounter below.)

And Kristina’s response to Adam’s close (and frequent) contact with Rachel will not be pretty. “Adam is human and it's tough. Kristina and Adam's marriage is so strong and sometimes I look at Kristina and I'm like, if that were me there would be spaghetti on the wall, bottles broken, my Irish temper would not be able to contain it,” Potter shares. “It's nothing extreme that happens, it's the way that Kristina handles it. You could go one way or you could go the other way and I know which direction I want to take it. I think that a lot of women would not handle that as well as Kristina. You're going to see Kristina snap a little bit.”

Daddario had some sympathy for the situation at hand. “I’m sure it can’t help. I’m sure it’s not great to have a new, young female character wandering around when you’re having issues in your marriage,” Daddario says. In a future episode titled “Sore Loser,” Rachel and Adam find themselves in an uncomfortable moment at the Luncheonette.

But Daddario noted that Rachel won’t just cause marital strife between Adam and Kristina, who have recently dealt with job loss, a risky new business and a newborn baby. She’ll also have issues with Crosby.

Daddario, who is set to appear in four episodes, wouldn’t divulge, but she left this for viewers to ruminate on. “She causes problems for both of them and the friction between what different people think is right, is the best way to put it,” she says. “I think it’s an interesting story and people will be intrigued by it.”

Though Rachel may not be a welcomed addition from the onset, Daddario has hope that she will earn her place.

“I think she’s pretty likable, at least I hope,” she says, “despite her role as someone who’s causing discord.”

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Lesley Goldberg contributed to this report.