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'Project Runway': Mondo Guerra Critiques the Designers' Creations for Heidi Klum's New Balance Line

The "All Stars" champion reveals his thoughts about the most recent episode of Lifetime's fashion-design competition.

Project Runway - Heidi & Tim - P 2013
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn

Heidi Klum got the designers' blood pumping when she sent them to compete in an obstacle course for the New Balance performance wear challenge. Fusing fitness with fashion is a tall order, but with the winning look joining Heidi's line and no more immunity moving forward, the competition turned from friendly to frightening with one designer's unexpected outburst.

Feel the burn with another heart-pumping round of Project Runway.

In the Workroom

The designers probably thought they were dreaming when Tim Gunn delivered an early wakeup call dressed as a referee. Tim's a good sport for donning stripes and shorts instead of his signature suit and tie. (Is this the first time we've seen Tim's legs...?!)

At the obstacle course, Dom and Justin powered their way to a first place finish, earning them dibs on fabric and an extra hour in the workroom. With only one day to complete their looks, every second is an advantage.

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Helen wanted to take advantage of some sideline advice from Tim, but when she wouldn't share it with her fellow competitors, Ken called her out of bounds. The disagreement quickly grew into a heated, four-lettered shouting match, leaving Helen asking, "What, Sandro part two??"

Luckily, Tim still had his referee hat on and guided the designers to a civil truce. Along the way, we caught a glimpse into Ken's past struggle with homelessness and learned why he can be so fiercely defensive.

Across the workroom, Karen's defense of her design didn't hold up under Heidi's critique that it was "impossible, crazy, Martian." With less than half a day left to completely redesign her look, Karen was knocked off her game.

The Best and the Worst

Project Runway fans rejoiced at the return of Michael Kors as this week's extra-special guest judge. (The designers on the bottom were not as thrilled.)

Alexander, Kate and Helen claimed their spots on the winners' podium while Alexandria, Karen and Ken's designs were benched.