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Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor' Premieres; Viewer Reactions Mixed

Many tear up at the emotional backstories of auditioners, while others question the judges' decisions and whether any of the contestants were "set up."

X-Factor Premiere Episode - P 2011

Viewers finally got to see what Simon Cowell's new series, The X Factor, is all about Wednesday night.

The singing competition show, which debuted on Fox, features Cowell -- finally back on TV screens in a regular role after more than a year since he left Fox's American Idol -- judging aspiring singers alongside Paula Abdul, Antonio "L.A." Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. Steve Jones hosts.

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Viewers hit Twitter to share their thoughts on the premiere, with many noting they laughed and cried throughout the episode.

NBA star Dwayne Wade, for one, was a fan: "What I love about #X-Factor-every1 and any1 gets a chance-No matter what's your age,race or background..New Fav show"

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, meanwhile, had his own motives for tweeting about the show: "Fox told me if I tweet about The X Factor, they'll bring back Party of Five."

Meanwhile, perhaps unsurprisingly, there were other viewers who say they were unimpressed with the premiere.

Here is a sample of comments from viewers:

Charlene Pynn
X factor #newfav

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Britney Beam
X Factor was so good....pretty awesome talent on there :)

#ICant with these stories of the contestants of X Factor. I been tearing up the whole show. Nothing like feel good positive stories man.

Lori Faris-Huffer
Just saw a kid on the X-factor sing an amazing song. Wow. Singing his story straight out of rehab. #cleanandsober Praying for you #Chris

Gloria Velez
Awe, x-factor ended good. That boy chris story was touching. And his song was touching. I got goose bumps.

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F. Cole
X-Factor gave me what I needed.

Jenny Matthews
Anyone watching X Factor? Totally rooting for the rapper recovering addict trash collector guy!!! Made me cry!

So, X Factor. I turn you on for 5 mins to mock you and then you make me cry. I know I was manipulated. But that "young homie" guy? Yeah.

Joseph Gaiter
X Factor was good tonight.

Bianca Castronovo
Oooh these stories on x-factor kill me! So sweet to see people succeed who deserve it! Night #Beauties! :>)

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Ms. Butta P.
Yo this dude on X factor just killed it. Love that he did an original song and from the heart! "Young Homie"

Julius Wright
X Factor is playin’ with our emotions

Danielle Monaro
Really!!! Come on X Factor how set up was that last contestant Nicole? BAD ACTING!

Flipping thru TV, caught some of American Id... Er... X-Factor. Why the need for much negativity and embarrassment?

Darrell Waltrip
you have to admit the #X-Factor is a pretty cool show,so far I've laughed,cried,and been shocked and this is just the try outs !

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Watchin X-Factor Always Makes ME CRY!! LOVVVVES IT! ♥

Freaking X-Factor has me tearing up like woah!! Ugh I'm such a SAPS!!!!!

Al Lindstrom
X-Factor corny already, put it on for 2mins

It's Brittαny Bxtch
This is my first time watching X factor and I like it already :)

Shun Hendrix
Watching X/Factor!!! Smh A guy pulled his pants down!! N Paula just left!! I think she really is about to poke!!#SheDid

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OMG i know this dude did not just whip out on X Factor he just kept singing like it was nothing NASTY

Kendra Jacobs
I made it about 15 minutes. Not impressed.

Drew Seeley
Watching X Factor... Did I just see the same performance all the judges were gushing about? Really?...in words of another show, Pitchy dawg.

Darnell Robinson
X Factor is amazing!

Mike M
The "X" in X Factor would make a nice target for a guided missile.

Jasper Brinkley
Watching the X-factor and it's pretty good

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Glen Coco
That awkward moment when the X Factor can't get Randy Jackson as a judge, so they get a look a like, LA Reid.

Nathan McLeod
Watching "X Factor" and I'm pretty impressed!

Cash Conners
That Prince/Rick James wannabe made it to the next round on X Factor. #ThisShowHasAlreadyLostCredibility

Madd Hatta 97.9
Simon. Really?? X-Factor is not serious. I'm turning. Let me know what happens.

I can't BELIEVE what I just saw on X-Factor & L.A. Reid was the only one with sense...say no to gimmicks!...#sheesh


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