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'SNL' Promo: Seth MacFarlane Reveals His Teddy Bear's Dirty Name (Video)

The man behind "Ted" and "Family Guy" hosts the NBC show's season opener, which includes musical guest Frank Ocean.

Seth MacFarlane SNL Promo - P 2012

Seth MacFarlane, a man who is heard (but not seen) in creations including Ted and Family Guy, is stepping in front of the cameras to host Saturday Night Live’s season 38 opener.

In a promo for the episode, castmember Kenan Thompson asks MacFarlane about his summer.  

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“I produced a movie, three TV shows — I actually got no break at all,” MacFarlane says.

“Yeah, I made a movie too. Probably,” a sheepish Thompson responds, appearing to be embarrassed that his summer wasn't as busy.

Thompson treats MacFarlane to an impression of Family Guy’s Stewie, which the show's creator rates a “B+” rating.

Finally, Thompson says he loved Ted because it got him thinking about his childhood Teddy bear, named “Sir Teddy Dick—“ (the rest of the apparently scandalous name is censored).

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And what was MacFarlane’s boyhood bear named?

“Fuzzy," He says. "No I’m just kidding. It was Dick— [more censoring].”

SNL’s season opener airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Other stars with SNL hosting duties in their near futures include Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig.

Watch the video below.