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'Spartacus: Vengeance' Preview: 17 Things to Expect on Season 2 (Video)

Liam McIntyre Starz Spartacus Vengeance11. With friends like these, why does Lucretia need enemies? The two end up living in the Batiatus house, though Lucretia is no longer its lady. “Lucretia and Ilithyia continue to have a very fraught relationship,” Lawless says. “Which is, Lucretia has to work very hard to make Ilithyia care about her again. And or at least need her, because Ilithyia just wants her dead.”

12. Love does wait for one man: Spartacus.After holding on to hope and then ultimately losing his wife in the first season, the gladiator may find love (and not just companionship). “I think Spartacus certainly wants so, and he's going to try,” McIntyre reveals about his character’s chances for love. “But it's very, very difficult of thing for him to try and - not only move on, but move into any relationship. So, it's a constant struggle throughout the season.”

13. But, Spartacus-Mira (Katrina Law) ‘shippers, beware. “There is another woman that comes in and challenges that relationship but, it's not in the way that you'd expect,” McIntyre teases.

14. Batiatus (John Hannah) is gone, but that doesn’t mean Lucretia’s love life is over.“Somebody does in fact fall in love with her, but the course of that love never did run smooth and certainly not in this case,” Lawless says. “So I don't want to give away too much but, yes, she does have two - I don't want to say romantic partners. But she enters into relationships with two people but Batiatus is never replaceable in her heart.”

15. Ashur will make an uneasy alliance with Lucretia.Without Batiatus, Ashur has to make himself a player to survive and Lucretia may be his best bet in this new world. “Certainly he's a touchstone to her past and to her husband,” Lawless says. “So she can't remember much, but he stirs something in her and look for more developments there, because [Nick E. Tarabay] and I talk about this all the time, we find our characters very much the same, really motivated by to survive in way they can. All bets are off with the two of them, so look out as they pair up.”

“Unlike every other season, he's his own man in a way and he's under really severe circumstances that he's going all out,” Tarabay says. “He goes all - I mean seriously, he has no boundaries, he fights really for what he thinks is right, and his goals get bigger and bigger.”

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16. Oenomaus’ emotional origins will be revealed.While the prequel showed his earlier story in respect to the gladiators, we’ll learn more about Oenomaus’ past that humanizes him. “Everybody meets Oenomaus in the first season as Doctore. He's pretty impassive. He doesn’t' really let on much,” explains Mensah. “And as the story unfolds you see a human person and the reasons why he was the way he was when you first meet him and I think in this season we really get to explore when all those structures are gone from him he's incredibly vulnerable.”

17. Ashur’s eye is on Crixus.While Ashur has a bone to pick with many people, there’s really one person that he most needs vengeance on. “Ultimately his all-time nemesis is Crixus in a way,” Tarabay says. “In Ashur's mind in the Gods of the Arena, the prequel, he helped Crixus in the beginning and he was kind of by his side. And then Crixus turned sides and then crippled him in the end so - and took away what he really wanted so bad, which is to be accepted and to be part of the brotherhood. And so for that - and then on top of that in Season 1, he kept on pushing him down; suppressing him and really pushing him down throughout, which that added more to that fire that made Ashur the person that we got to know now.”

Watch a sneak peek from Spartacus: Vengeance below.

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