Watch HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8 Trailer

Larry David returns for another season of the comedy alongside guest stars including Michael J. Fox, Paul F. Tompkins and "Mad Men's" Rich Sommer.

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns July 10, and HBO has just released the trailer for the comedy series' eighth season.

Larry David is back, and his character is just as socially inept and politically incorrect as ever.

In fact, Jeff (Jeff Garlin) calls Larry a "social assassin" at one point.

Larry's response? "I guess I am in a way."

Funkhouser (Bob Einstein) puts it more bluntly: "You are a colossal prick."

Among the guest stars featured in the trailer are Michael J. Fox, actor-comedian Paul F. Tompkins and Mad Men's Rich Sommer.

The trailer was first posted by TV Squad.


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