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  1. James Cameron Goes Inside Walt Disney World's Avatar Attractions

    6:38 am PST 03/09/2017
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    Pandora — The World of Avatar will open this summer. READ MORE

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  2. Disney Debuts New Teaser Videos for 'Avatar' Attractions

    4:06 pm PST 02/20/2017
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    The World of Avatar is set to make its debut this summer at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. READ MORE

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  3. James Cameron Shows Off Disney's 'Avatar' Attraction in Behind-the-Scenes Video

    9:59 am PST 12/29/2016
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    The World of Avatar will open this summer. READ MORE

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  4. James Cameron Promises Innovation in 'Avatar' Sequels as He's Feted by Engineers

    10:28 pm PDT 10/29/2016
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    Cameron and Douglas Trumbull were honored at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers' Centennial Gala. READ MORE

  5. 'Avatar' Traveling Interactive Exhibit to Debut in Taipei

    5:35 pm PDT 09/19/2016
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    Lightstorm Entertainment, Fox and GES are creating the experience. READ MORE

  6. James Cameron, Douglas Trumbull to Be Honored During SMPTE Centennial Gala

    4:01 pm PDT 08/16/2016
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    The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers' celebration will be held Oct. 28 at the Ray Dolby Ballroom. READ MORE

  7. CinemaCon: The Buzz, the Highs and the (Surprise) Biggest Loser

    6:00 am PDT 04/18/2016
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    "If you've got it, flaunt it," said a confident Sony Motion Pictures Group chairman Tom Rothman when taking the stage at the annual gathering of cinema operators in Las Vegas, where the major Hollywood studios go to promote their upcoming slates. READ MORE

  8. 'The Jungle Book': How Jon Favreau Juggled Walt Disney's Legacy and Digital Effects That Go Beyond 'Avatar'

    5:00 am PDT 04/15/2016
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    For the latest incarnation of the Rudyard Kipling tale, the 'Iron Man' director breaks new ground in a $175 million film that creates believable animals that talk with the voices of Bill Murray and Christopher Walken. READ MORE

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  9. CinemaCon: 'Avatar' Producer Jon Landau Says Film Industry Needs to Adopt High Frame Rates

    2:58 pm PDT 04/14/2016
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    There are 35 movies scheduled for release in 3D during 2016, up from 27 domestic releases in 2015. READ MORE

  10. James Cameron's 'Avatar' Plans Get More Grandiose, But Will Audiences Care?

    2:31 pm PDT 04/14/2016
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    In a Marvel Cinematic Universe world, is 'Avatar' a relic? READ MORE

  11. Box Office: 'Star Wars' Now Unlikely to Beat 'Avatar' Global Record

    6:25 am PST 01/13/2016
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    "If 'Force Awakens' winds up sandwiched between the two biggest movies of all-time, 'Avatar' and 'Titanic,' no one associated with the film will be singing the Jedi blues. They'll be celebrating this dream scenario result," says one analyst. READ MORE

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  12. Dark Horse Comics To Continue James Cameron's 'Avatar' In New Line of Comic Books

    12:14 pm PDT 10/09/2015
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    Comics will tell "new storylines from the past, present and the future world" of the sci-fi franchise, the director teases. READ MORE

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  13. Russian Screenwriter Sues Fox Over Alleged Plagiarism of 'The Martian'

    11:13 am PDT 09/25/2015
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    Mikhail Raskhodnikov claims the plotline of his script was used in 'The Martian.' READ MORE

  14. Russia Box Office: 'Minions' Trails Only 'Avatar' as Top Grosser

    9:49 am PDT 08/14/2015
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    The Universal film was released in the country on July 9. READ MORE

  15. Cirque du Soleil CEO Talks 'Avatar'-Inspired Show and China Expansion

    8:50 am PDT 05/29/2015
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    'Toruk,' the Quebec-based circus troupe's first show based on a movie, is headed straight to China after a North American bow. READ MORE

  16. Former Continental Media Partners Form New Film Venture

    6:30 am PDT 04/21/2015
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    Matthew Shreder and James Andrew Felts, backed by private equity group MCG, have formed Concourse Media. READ MORE

  17. NAB: 'Avatar' Sequels to Use New Virtual Camera Tracking System

    11:27 am PDT 04/17/2015
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    The system, tested on Emmy winner ‘Cosmos’ and currently in use on ‘The Walk’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland 2,’ was quietly demonstrated at this week’s NAB Show. READ MORE

  18. Chechen Author Accuses James Cameron of Plagiarism Over 'Avatar'

    11:51 pm PDT 03/12/2015
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    Ruslan Zakriyev claims aspects of his 2002 novel 'Secret Weapon' were used in the blockbuster film. READ MORE

  19. Disney, James Cameron Preview 'Avatar' Attraction Plans (Video)

    12:45 pm PST 02/26/2015
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    The director of the hit movie is involved in the creation of the future Animal Kingdom attraction, to open 2017. READ MORE

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  20. James Cameron Says 'Avatar' Sequel Delayed Until 2017

    6:16 am PST 01/14/2015
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    The director says the writing process has been "very involved" and the initial target release date was probably too ambitious. READ MORE