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  1. James Cameron Talks 'Avatar' Sequels

    11:28 am PST 12/16/2013
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    Think of the "Avatar" movies as a science fiction "Godfather," the director explained. Only with more 3D, obviously. READ MORE

  2. New 'Avatar' Trilogy to Be Filmed in New Zealand

    5:22 pm PST 12/15/2013
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    UPDATED: 20th Century Fox will release the first of the sequels in December 2016. READ MORE

  3. Sohu Pacts With Viacom International for Online Video in China

    7:45 pm PST 12/04/2013
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    Over 389 million users on tv.sohu.com are expected to get access to free streaming of Nickelodeon content. READ MORE

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  4. Stephen Lang Returning for 'Avatar' Sequels

    11:53 am PDT 10/22/2013
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    Lang will once again play mad Marine Colonel Quaritch. READ MORE

  5. 'Avatar' Idea Theft Plaintiff Challenges Judge's Impartiality

    6:25 am PDT 10/16/2013
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    UPDATED: Attorneys for the man suing James Cameron say they have discovered that the woman presiding over the case's husband has worked with 20th Century Fox. READ MORE

  6. Worth 3D? 'Gravity' and 10 More Movies That Benefit From the Upgrade

    12:08 pm PDT 10/07/2013
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    Did Alfonso Cuaron's space drama make you think twice about 3D? If so, here are more movies worth seeing in the format. READ MORE

  7. James Cameron Wins Another 'Avatar' Idea Theft Lawsuit

    9:12 am PDT 10/03/2013
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    A judge throws out a lawsuit from a man who claimed to have developed a sci-fi project at the behest of Lightstorm Entertainment. READ MORE

  8. 'Avatar' Video Casino Games Unveiled at Global Gaming Expo

    4:44 pm PDT 09/24/2013
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    Producer Jon Landau and actor Stephen Lang were at the International Game Technology exhibit space in Las Vegas on Tuesday for the launch of the two new games. READ MORE

  9. Peter Jackson's Weta, Park Road Post Earn 3D Awards for 'Avatar,' 'Hobbit' Work

    5:05 am PDT 08/26/2013
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    3D Society’s Technology Awards will also be presented to companies including Dolby, Regal and Mercedes-Benz at the Sept. 18 ceremony. READ MORE

  10. James Cameron Spins Off 'Avatar' Book Series

    11:53 am PDT 08/22/2013
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    "Jumper" author Steven Gould will pen four stand-alone novels that will expand on the universe created in the hit 2009 film. READ MORE

  11. Rupert Murdoch on 21st Century Fox: 'There Is No Better Media Investment'

    9:04 am PDT 08/08/2013
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    UPDATED: The CEO was speaking at the company's inaugural Investor Day, where COO Chase Carey called Aereo a "gimmick" and a la carte TV programming a "fantasy." READ MORE

  12. 'Avatar,' 'Wolverine' Editors Say 3D Should Be Part of the Creative Process

    2:47 pm PDT 08/05/2013
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    Speaking on a panel at the American Cinema Editors' Editfest LA, Oscar nominee Matt Chesse said that when used correctly, the format "can be transcendent." READ MORE

  13. 'Avatar' Sequels Grow From Two to Three

    11:31 am PDT 08/01/2013
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    James Cameron has hired writers to help him pen the scripts. READ MORE

  14. James Cameron Will Begin 'Battle Angel' After 'Avatar' Sequels

    3:45 pm PDT 07/08/2013
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    The man behind Pandora (and the 'Terminator' movies) says his manga adaptation will "one-up" even his most recent work. READ MORE

  15. James Cameron Says 'Man of Steel,' 'Iron Man 3' Didn't Need to Be in 3D

    12:15 pm PDT 07/08/2013
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    "If you spend $150 million on visual effects, the film is already going to be spectacular," the director said. "I do not think Hollywood is using 3D properly." READ MORE

  16. Peter Thiel Scolds Hollywood for Its Negative Portrayal of Technology

    6:31 pm PDT 04/29/2013
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    The tech mogul blames the film industry for the deceleration of the tech sector, saying that movies like 'Avatar' and 'The Matrix' wrongly portray technology as "destructive and dysfunctional." READ MORE

  17. James Cameron Offers Update on 'Avatar' Sequels

    11:22 am PDT 03/18/2013
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    The director talks about the future of Pandora and his creative writing process. READ MORE

  18. China Box Office: 10 Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time

    5:13 pm PST 02/28/2013
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    "Lost in Thailand," "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons," and Jackie Chan's "CZ12" are among the native titles on China's all-time box office leader list. READ MORE

  19. 'Journey to the West' Passes $160 Million at Chinese Box Office

    6:35 am PST 02/25/2013
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    Stephen Chow Sing-chi’s fantastical comedy becomes the second Chinese film in as many months to hit 10-digit local earnings at home, with its quest to top "Avatar's" record takings of 1.38 billion yuan possibly hindered by the release of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." READ MORE

  20. China Box Office: 'Journey to the West' Dominates During New Year Holidays

    9:39 pm PST 02/18/2013
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    After pulling in 640 million yuan ($102 million) in 7 days, Stephen Chow’s fantastical comedy is expected to surpass the all-time earnings record for a Chinese production set by "Lost in Thailand" just two months ago. READ MORE

  21. James Cameron Wins 'Avatar' Theft Lawsuit

    9:23 am PST 02/05/2013
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    A California federal judge rules that Cameron independently created the massive 2009 blockbuster film. READ MORE