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  1. 'Veep,' 'Girls,' 'Atlanta' Scribes Reveal Secrets of Their Writers Rooms: "Required" Arguments, "Group Therapy"

    9:30 am PDT 06/16/2017
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    The writers on 18 comedies and dramas spill on what really happens behind the scenes: La Croix addictions, Ping-Pong and a game called Tippy Catchy. READ MORE

  2. Comedy Showrunner Roundtable: Judd Apatow, David Mandel on Worst Pitches and Why Trump Should Get Credit on 'Veep'

    6:10 am PDT 06/08/2017
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    Six top TV bosses — including Kenya Barris, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Scott Silveri — also open up about the horrors of network casting, the pressure to get political and the pitfalls of borrowing from one's own life. READ MORE

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  3. Judd Apatow Talks End of 'Girls': "Episode 9 Would Be the Last Episode, Then a Little Taste of the Future" | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am PDT 06/08/2017
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    Apatow, Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham wanted to show the main character on 'Girls' grow out of her selfishness by becoming a mother. READ MORE

  4. Showrunners Sound Off: Judd Apatow, Ryan Murphy and Ava DuVernay on Empire-Building, Pigeonholing and Saying No

    6:00 am PDT 05/16/2017
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    Twelve star producers — also including Kenya Barris, Noah Hawley, Jenji Kohan, David E. Kelley and David Mandel — open up about writing scripts based on their own lives, how Trump is affecting their shows and getting put into creative boxes. Says DuVernay, "I get the first black everything. Every first black doesn't need a movie." READ MORE

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  5. Judd Apatow, Kenya Barris on TV Family They Identified With Growing Up | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am PDT 05/16/2017
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    "I wanted to be a Cosby," said Kenya Barris. READ MORE

  6. Selena Gomez's "Only You" and Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" Rank on TV Songs Chart for April

    4:38 pm PDT 05/15/2017
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    Seven of the top ten songs for April appeared on Netflix's '13 Reasons Why.' READ MORE

  7. Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Talk Abortion, Babies on 'Girls'

    3:24 pm PDT 04/26/2017
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    The co-showrunners spoke to America Ferrera about directing at a Tuesday night Tribeca Film Festival panel. READ MORE

  8. Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac Rank in Top TV Songs Chart for March for 'Big Little Lies' Soundtrack

    4:23 pm PDT 04/18/2017
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    Lord Huron's "The Night We Met," Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" scored the top three slots. READ MORE

  9. Critic's Notebook: 'Girls' Series Finale Offers a Lovely Epilogue

    6:00 am PDT 04/17/2017
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    The penultimate episode wrapped things up for the main quartet, but Hannah and Marnie shined upstate in the finale. READ MORE

  10. 'Girls': Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner on Series Finale Debate, Hannah's "Final Maturation"

    8:30 pm PDT 04/16/2017
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    As the HBO series comes to an end, the showrunners talk about the show's "primary love story" and how its narcissistic main character will do as a mom. READ MORE

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  11. 'Girls': Most Memorable Friends, Relatives and Mistakes

    7:07 pm PDT 04/16/2017
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    Peter Scolari, Jorma Taccone, Gaby Hoffmann, Riz Ahmed, Corey Stoll and Jenny Slate are among the best-known guest stars who've appeared on the HBO series. READ MORE

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  12. 'Girls': How Brooklyn Changed With the Show

    7:00 pm PDT 04/16/2017
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    Much like the human characters that starred in the HBO series, New York City real estate — both fictional and real — played a central role in the show's six seasons and evolved in dramatic ways. READ MORE

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  13. 'GIRLS': 7 Most Memorable Moments from Lena Dunham, Adam Driver, Allison Williams and More

    2:52 pm PDT 04/10/2017
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    "I don't want to freak you out... but I think I may be the voice of my generation." READ MORE

  14. 'Girls': Lena Dunham Breaks Down Engagement Shocker

    8:30 pm PDT 04/09/2017
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    The creator of the HBO series and co-showrunner Jenni Konner talk about Hannah's move and more from the penultimate episode. READ MORE

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  15. Lena Dunham Stars in Jimmy Kimmel's 'Golden Girls' Spoof

    9:09 pm PDT 04/05/2017
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    Kimmel and Dunham take a look at the 'Girls' "reunion show" 50 years from now. READ MORE

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  16. Leon Bridges' "River" From 'Big Little Lies' Tops TV Songs Chart for February

    2:57 pm PDT 03/17/2017
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    Rihanna's "Desperado" and Kiiara's "Gold" also made the list after appearing on 'Girls' and 'Riverdale,' respectively. READ MORE

  17. 'Girls' Boss on How Hannah's Pregnancy Surprise Affects Final Season

    3:40 pm PST 03/06/2017
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    Co-showrunner Jenni Konner talks about the big reveal and how Garry Shandling's death affected the episode's other shocking incident involving Ray's (Alex Karpovsky) boss Hermie (Colin Quinn). READ MORE

  18. Rapid Round: Allison Williams on 'Get Out's' "Carefully-Written," "Deliberate," "Provocative" Thrills

    1:49 pm PST 02/25/2017
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    The 'Girls' star talks about why she took so long to do a movie, the challenges coming from TV and her attitude towards future projects as she moves on from the HBO series. READ MORE

  19. 'Girls' Team Discusses Sexual-Consent Episode, Downplays Bill Cosby Comparisons

    12:34 pm PST 02/24/2017
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    "It's meant to be a conversation starter," executive producer Judd Apatow tells THR as showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner recount their own similar experiences in the industry. READ MORE

  20. 'Girls' Team Previews Final Season's Focus on Friendship, Riz Ahmed's Return

    8:00 pm PST 02/12/2017
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    Allison Williams explains what's behind her character's "tryst" with her bandmate-turned-husband. READ MORE