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  1. Fay Vincent Remembers Jerry Weintraub: "He Was a Born Risk-Taker" (Guest Column)

    8:15 am PDT 07/17/2015
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    The former Columbia Pictures CEO, who also served as Commissioner of Major League Baseball, recalls his old friend, the irrepressible producer. READ MORE

  2. 108 Media Takes Worldwide Sales Rights to Bruneian Action Pic 'Yasmine'

    11:33 pm PDT 07/24/2014
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    Siti Kamaluddin's martial arts pic is the Muslim-majority sultanate's first commercial movie set for a North American release. READ MORE

  3. 'Harry Potter's' Hermione Granger Voted Best Film Role Model in U.K. Survey

    7:04 am PST 01/07/2013
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    Kids polled by DVD rental and streaming firm LoveFilm also mentioned characters from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Home Alone" and "Toy Story." READ MORE

  4. 'Ocean's Eleven' Producer Jerry Weintraub to Be Honored at Zurich Film Festival

    9:14 pm PDT 07/16/2012
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    The entertainment veteran will receive the Golden Eye lifetime achievement award on Sept. 26, his 75th birthday. READ MORE

  5. Dish Network Trying to Lure Away Disaffected Netflix Users

    3:40 pm PDT 06/21/2011
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    In a tweet, the satellite TV provider lists movie titles that are suddenly unavailable for streaming at Netflix due to a contractual issue between Starz and Sony. READ MORE

  6. Jaden Smith Earned Seven-Figure Salary for 'Karate Kid' (Report)

    3:59 pm PDT 05/01/2011
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    The actor was 10 years old when he signed on to star in the hit movie. READ MORE

  7. Hollywood's 10 Highest-Grossing Actors

    6:02 pm PST 12/28/2010
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    Some of Hollywood's biggest stars top "Forbes' " 2010 list of the leading men and women whose stellar talent helped their films become among the most successful not only of the year but of all time. READ MORE

  8. The Karate Kid -- Film Review

    9:38 pm PDT 10/14/2010
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    It's a measure of the times that the new version of "The Karate Kid" manages to be longer and bigger-budgeted than the original while having lesser impact. READ MORE