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  1. 'Lion King' Is Broadway's First $1 Billion Show

    6:00 am PDT 10/16/2013
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    Disney's musical relies on consistency, not sky-high prices, to hit a historic milestone. READ MORE

  2. 3D Movie Rereleases: The Hits and Misses

    4:07 pm PDT 04/04/2013
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    "Jurassic Park" opens in 3D on Friday. READ MORE

  3. 'The Lion King' Crowned Broadway's Top Earner of All Time

    2:38 pm PDT 04/09/2012
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    The musical, which has been on Broadway since 1997, has officially surpassed "The Phantom of the Opera" for the top spot. READ MORE

  4. 'Hugo' Tops International 3D Society Awards With Three Trophies

    8:16 am PST 02/02/2012
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    "Tintin," "Puss In Boots," "Pina" are among the winners; Scorsese Receives Harold Lloyd Award. READ MORE

  5. 'Spider-Man' Scales New Broadway Record in Strong Holiday Week Box Office

    2:33 pm PST 01/03/2012
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    The superhero musical grossed more than $2.9 million in a busy holiday session, placing it ahead of perennial top-earners "Wicked" and "The Lion King." READ MORE

  6. 'The Dark Knight Rises' Spawns 'Lion King' Spoof (Video)

    2:06 pm PST 01/03/2012
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    Two hero tales are combined in a nearly perfect sync. READ MORE

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  7. RealD Shares Hammered Again Despite Posting Strong Quarterly Profit

    3:32 pm PDT 11/02/2011
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    The company misses slightly on the top line and discloses that a deal for 3D televisions has fallen through. READ MORE

  8. Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Knocks Off 'Green Lantern,' 'The Lion King' on DVD, Blu-Ray Charts

    3:41 pm PDT 10/26/2011
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    "Bad Teacher" debuts as the No. 1 rental for the week, while "Bridesmaids" surges to the second spot. READ MORE

  9. Disney's 'Lion King' and Other 3D Rereleases Won't Enrich Jeffrey Katzenberg

    1:23 pm PDT 10/13/2011
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    THE REPORT: Disney has unearthed a new revenue stream, but not everyone will be tapping it. READ MORE

  10. 'Fast Five' Tops Overall DVD Sales, 'Lion King' No. 1 for Blu-ray

    4:53 pm PDT 10/12/2011
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    "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" placed third on the sales lists; "Scream 4" debuts at No. 2 for DVD rentals. READ MORE

  11. 'Lion King' Shoots to List of Top 10 Grossing Films of All-Time Domestically

    11:04 am PDT 10/02/2011
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    The 3D re-release of the classic animated film itself has grossed $98.7 million worldwide, including a massive $79.7 million in North America. READ MORE

  12. Box Office Report: 'Dolphin Tale' Swims to No. 1 in its Second Weekend with $14.2 Mil

    9:12 am PDT 10/02/2011
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    "Moneyball" and "Lion King" follow, while faith-based pic "Courageous" is the only one of the four new films to overperform. READ MORE

  13. Box Office Report: 'Lion King,' 'Dolphin Tale' and 'Moneyball' Lock-Out New Films

    3:24 pm PDT 09/30/2011
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    Early returns show faith-based "Courageous" doing the best of the new four films, besting "50/50," "Dream House" and "What's Your Number?" READ MORE

  14. Box Office Preview: 'Lion King,' 'Moneyball,' 'Dolphin Tale' in Close Race

    6:17 pm PDT 09/29/2011
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    New entries "50/50," "What's Your Number," "Dream House" and "Courageous" may get dwarfed. READ MORE

  15. Box Office Shocker: 'Lion King' Set to Become No. 3 Animated Pic of All Time Thanks to Re-release

    1:56 pm PDT 09/25/2011
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    The updated 3D version of the film is playing well to both couples and families. READ MORE

  16. Box Office Report: 'Lion King' Roars with $22.1 Mil in Surprise Upset Over Brad Pitt's 'Moneyball' and 'Dolphin Tale'

    9:00 am PDT 09/25/2011
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    "Moneyball" and "Dolphin Tale" open north of $20 mil; Taylor Lautner thriller "Abduction" takes in $11.2 mil, followed by Jason Statham action pic "Killer Elite" with $9.5 mil. READ MORE

  17. Box Office Report: 'Moneyball' Wins Friday, But 'Lion King,' 'Dolphin Tale' Still Contenders

    12:00 am PDT 09/24/2011
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    Taylor Lautner's "Abduction" trails at No. 4, followed closely by Jason Statham-Robert De Niro action pic "Killer Elite." READ MORE

  18. Will 'Lion King' Success Lead to More Movie Rereleases?

    12:46 pm PDT 09/22/2011
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    The Disney classic's huge box office re-debut heralds the return of more hot titles to theaters. READ MORE

  19. Box Office Report: 'The Lion King' Roars Again, Capturing $29.3 Million

    9:07 am PDT 09/18/2011
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    "Drive" shows the most gas among the newcomers, surpassing "Straw Dogs" and "I Don't Know How She Does It." READ MORE

  20. 'The Lion King 3D': What the Moviegoers Are Saying

    5:15 pm PDT 09/17/2011
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    Disney’s limited theatrical release has viewers reminiscing about the first time they saw the animated classic. READ MORE

  21. 'The Lion King 3D:' What the Critics Are Saying

    4:52 pm PDT 09/16/2011
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    As the 1994 Disney classic returns to theaters today, some praise the film for reaching a new audience, while others call it a "clever marketing ploy" to promote the Blu-Ray DVD release. READ MORE