For the Weekend of 7/27/2015 Source: Rentrak

Weekend of 7/26/2015

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Pixels
  3. Minions
  4. Trainwreck
  5. Southpaw
  6. Paper Towns
  7. Inside Out
  8. Jurassic World
  9. Mr. Holmes
  10. Terminator Genisys
  1. Minions
  2. Ant-Man
  3. Monster Hunt
  4. Pixels
  5. Inside Out
  6. Jian Bing Man
  7. Paper Towns
  8. Southpaw
  9. The Assassination
  10. Trainwreck


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'Pancake Man': Film Review

'Pancake Man': Film Review

As meta as it gets: this Chinese comedy is a film directed by its star, about an actor making a film about a superhero.

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