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Tuesday, Jul 7, 2015


Human beings are the planet's biggest threat. read more

Friday, Jul 10, 2015


PG, 91 min Tickets Trailer

The minions help a female super villan determined to take over the world. read more

Sandra Bullock
Voice of Scarlet Overkill
Steve Carell
Voice of Gru
Jon Hamm
Voice of Herb Overkill


PG-13, 116 min Tickets Trailer

An extremely wealthy elderly man, dying from cancer, undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness to the body of a healthy young man, but all is not as it seems. read more

Matthew Goode
Ryan Reynolds
Michelle Dockery


R, 88 min Tickets Trailer

A faithful husband is forced to face his secret life. read more

Robin Williams
Bob Odenkirk
Kathy Baker

The Bronze

108 min Tickets Trailer

A bronze-medalist former gymnast tries to hold her own celebrity status when a new aspiring athlete emerges. read more

Melissa Rauch
Friday, Jul 17, 2015


Storyline under wraps. read more

Stan Lee
Source Material (from comic b...
Michael Douglas
Hank Pym
Michael Pena
(in talks)

Beyond the Reach

An evil businessman and takes a poor guide to go hunting in the Mojave Desert. read more

Michael Douglas


PG-13, 117 min Tickets Trailer

Con-man Scott Lang gets armed with a super-human suit. read more

Paul Rudd
Evangeline Lilly
Michael Douglas

Mr. Holmes

PG, 104 min Tickets Trailer

A now retired Sherlock Holmes looks back on an unsolved case. read more

Ian McKellen
Sherlock Holmes

Irrational Man

R, 96 min Tickets Trailer

A tormented professor (Joaquin Phoenix) reinvigorates his will to live after he commits an existential act. read more

Joaquin Phoenix
Emma Stone
Parker Posey


R, 125 min Tickets Trailer

Amy is a men's magazine writer who seems to have taken her dad's advice, "Monogamy isn't realistic," to heart, sleeping with a parade of different men. read more

Amy Schumer
Bill Hader
Tilda Swinton
Friday, Jul 24, 2015


Peter Pan is kidnapped from his orphanage and taken to Neverland in Joe Wright's take on the classic story. read more

Rooney Mara
Tiger Lily
Amanda Seyfried
Hugh Jackman


A suburban family's home is invaded by evil spirits. read more

Sam Rockwell
Eric Bowen
Rosemarie DeWitt
Amy Bowen


The president of the United States asks his childhood pals for help to stop video games from waging war on the human race. read more

Michelle Monaghan
Adam Sandler
Kevin James
Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

Vacation (2015)

The Griswold's head to Walley World. read more

Ed Helms