Extended 'Lincoln' TV Spot Airs After Presidential Debate (Video)

 Courtesy of Dreamworks

ABC, CBS and CNN showed the two-minute commercial for Steven Spielberg’s biopic starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the Great Emancipator.

An extended TV spot for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln aired after Wednesday’s presidential debate on ABC, CBS and CNN--and in a happy coincidence for the filmmakers, President Obama invoked the legacy of the 16th president near the evening's close.

The spot draws a direct line from Abraham Lincoln to such important historical figures and events as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, women’s suffrage, and the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

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“Abolishing slavery settles the fate for millions now in bondage, and unborn millions to come,” Daniel Day-Lewis’ Lincoln says. The clip also gives us a look at some marital discord between the president and first lady Mary Todd (Sally Field) and a glimpse of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as their son Robert.

The film from Dreamworks Pictures and 20th Century Fox is slated for wide release Nov. 16.

Watch the video below.

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