Alec Baldwin Calls NY Post 'Morally Bankrupt Trash' for Alleged Stalker Coverage


It's one of New York's most famous rivalries: Alec Baldwin vs. the New York Post.

The liberal actor and the conservative tabloid have traded plenty of barbs over the years, and tensions were renewed Thursday. Baldwin launched a blistering tirade against the Rupert Murdoch-owned paper and gossip columnist Andrea Peyser, who called the 30 Rock star "a "bloviating psycho who seduces small women and bashes puny photographers" in a column on Thursday. Peyser was taking the side of Genevieve Sabourin, the Canadian woman who was arrested in April for allegedly stalking Baldwin and was re-arrested Tuesday.

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Sabourin claims that she and Baldwin had a sexual encounter in 2010 and continued the relationship online. She was arrested for showing up at his apartment in April, then re-arrested Tuesday for tweeting at Baldwin's wife, Hilaria. Sabourin was released Wednesday. Peyser and the Post called on Baldwin to drop the charges, a public request that drew the Emmy winner's ire.

"Everyone who breathes air knows the Post is the worst newspaper in human history," Baldwin tweeted. "But shame on them for politicizing a criminal case ... and shame on the morally bankrupt partisan trash Andrea Peyser, who demeans all women by inferring that a charge of criminal harassment is overkill when the defendant is a woman. The 'lovesick' defense."

As for the request to drop the charges, Baldwin inferred that it was out of his hands.

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"when some1 is arrested + brought up on charges, the DA's office functions as a state agency, and does not respond, like a concierge," he wrote. "the New York Post would have you believe that certain people have the ability to direct the DA to do their private bidding."

This latest chapter in the Baldwin-Post/Peyser rivalry is actually a continuation of fisticuffs that took place in April. Then, Peyser wrote a column that detailed Sabourin's allegations of an affair with Baldwin and bashed his then-fiancee, leading him to tweet, "You won't find a writer more casual with the truth in all of journalism than Andrea Peyser. ... Andrea Peyser, you are as bad a writer as you are filled with self-hatred. Go back to Langan's and bring a Strunk and White."

He also took issue with the reporters camped outside his apartment following Sabourin's arrest and had a physical altercation with a photographer.

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