Amy Winehouse Posthumous Albums Could Be Released (Report)

 Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Amy Winehouse only released two studio albums, but she has about a dozen recordings that could be put out posthumously, according to reports in the U.K. Guardian and the Associated Press.

Her spokesman Chris Goodman says there is "plenty" of material -- but no decisions have been made about what to do with it. A source at Universal said that "framework" had been laid for a dozen songs.

Her album sales have skyrocketed since her death on Saturday at 27. Back to Black re-entered the Billboard charts at No. 9 on Wednesday.

Amy Winehouse's Death: What Hollywood is Saying

An inquest into Winehouse's death was opened after an autopsy came up inconclusive. Toxicology reports are expected to come back within about four weeks.

Mitch announced plans to open a foundation in his daughter's name to help fund rehab for those in need.

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