Angelina Jolie Calls for End of Sexual Violence in War

 AP Images

LONDON – Angelina Jolie on Tuesday urged world leaders and delegates attending a four-day summit in London to take action to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Jolie made headlines across the British media  with her comments in her role as special envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

"It is a myth that rape is an inevitable part of conflict. There is nothing inevitable about it. It is a weapon of war aimed at civilians,” she said. “It has nothing to do with sex, everything to do with power. It is done to torture and humiliate innocent people.”

The summit, entitled End Sexual Violence in Conflict, attracted 1,200 government ministers, officials from the military and the judiciary, as well as activists from up to 150 nations.

Jolie, who is co-hosting the event, added that countries should seek justice for the victims of sexual violence committed during military conflicts. She said in many cases the perpetrators escape unpunished.

"We need to shatter that culture of impunity and make justice the norm, not the exception, for these crimes," the actress said. "We need political will replicated across the world, and we need treat this subject as a priority."


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