Anne Hathaway: I Cried Daily While Shooting 'Love and Other Drugs'

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Anne Hathaway cried every day while shooting romantic comedy-drama Love and Other Drugs.

"I had a bit of a roller coaster experience on this movie...I was playing a character way out of my comfort zone. All that overt sexuality is just not me," Hathaway -- who shot multiple sex scenes with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal -- tells Reuters.

She says the sex scenes aren't raunchy: "We didn't want to lose the film's energy in these scenes. And I think that is what resulted in the film. It's less of nudity and more of intimacy." PHOTOS: Jake and Anne at the AFI Fest.

Hathaway and Gyllenhaal played a married couple in 2005's Brokeback Mountain. What has changed since then?

"Gosh, I think everything except for our families and friends have changed in our lives since then. We are basically the same people, just older and wiser," says Hathaway.

In Love and Other Drugs (out Nov. 24), Hathaway plays Maggie, a free spirit who suffers from Parkinson's Disease. The complex character was not what drew her to the role, though. REVIEW: Love and Other Drugs.

"The script that I was sent was a story about a man who was changed by the love of a woman. And the script that we wound up making is a story of two people who are changed by love. What I brought to it was probably a sense of entitlement, that my character ought to have emotional parity with Jake's," she says.

Hathaway was nominated for a best actress Oscar in 2009 for Rachel Getting Married. When asked about how she would feel to be nominated next year, she says, "You are so sweet to ask me to go on that magic carpet ride! I believe I am one of about one of 37 actresses with Oscar buzz this year so I am actually going to keep my feet on the ground and say 'I will wait and see what happens."

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