Anthony Weiner Defended by Piers Morgan, Mocked by Tucker Carlson After Resignation News

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TV hosts took to Twitter to either defend or mock Rep. Anthony Weiner after it was reported he will resign Thursday in the wake of the Weinergate scandal.

"Weiner tells friends he will resign, staff/interns leave and lock D.C. doors behind them," joked Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Twitter. Anthony Weiner: Hollywood's 10 Best Twitter Jokes

CNN's Piers Morgan took a softer stance on Twitter: "Weiner resigning. Time to start showing the guy some compassion?" RELATED: How the networks will cover Weiner's press conference

Quipped Joan Rivers: "Anthony Weiner has taken a two-week leave of absence. One week for rehab and the other to shop for a new phone that takes high-res pictures."

Some media experts considered Weiner's fate.

Author of What Would Google Do, Jeff Jarvis, wrote, "If Weiner had confessed rather than lied as soon as he was revealed, would he still be gone?"

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter wrote, "Re: Weiner, a friend writes: "I give it... 15 months at most before he's hired for a cable television gig." CNN? MS? Current?

MSNBC's Luke Russert wrote, "NBC Prod Alex Moe tells me #Weiner 's office is locked. Lights are off. Phone goes to voicemail. She saw staff leaving…"

Twitter also exploded with jokes about the embattled congressmen, who has been under fire after it was revealed he sent nearly-nude photos of himself to at least six women.

They included:

- DanaBrunetti: "Who's the happiest about the Weiner scandal? Arnold Schwarzenegger."

- Jonathan Shainin, who writes for The Nation and the New Yorker: Our long national nightmare is over. RT @nytjim NYT has confirmed that Rep. #Weiner has told friends that he is stepping down.

- mpoppel: Weiner stepping down to spend more time with his blackberry #kidding

- jeffdunham, comedian and ventriloquist: "If Anthony Weiner were alive in the 1800’s, do you think he’d have commissioned an artist to do portraits of his crotch on canvas?"

- Ezra Klein: "Sources say Anthony Weiner is stepping down in order to spend more time with his Facebook account."

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