Ashton Kutcher's A+ Site Accused of Plagiarizing Posts

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Viral site A+ (, which counts Ashton Kutcher as a co-founder and investor, has been accused of plagiarizing posts from a variety of other sites. 

As seen in screen grabs posted by Daily Dot, several A+ stories are strikingly similar to ones that had been previously posted on such sites as Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Cracked. The flagged A+ stories contain text that has been duplicated word-for-word from the original source without proper attribution. 

A+ has since deleted every piece of content posted prior to July 2014. The web-aggregate site launched in 2011, followed by a 2013 relaunch, and Kutcher has previously promoted the site's content on his Twitter and Facebook feeds. 

The site does not have a masthead, but Evan Beard — who is named on AngelList as a co-founder of A+, as are Kutcher and Kendall Dabaghi — told Daily Dot in a statement that the company's execs take "these allegations seriously and are looking into them." Beard added: "The content that was removed was taken down as a precautionary measure."

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to A+ for comment and is awaiting response. 

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