10 Power Showrunners: A Day in the Life, From Carlton Cuse to Jenji Kohan

Ann Biderman
Ann Biderman
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A voyeur's look through the bleary eyes of TV's busiest movers and shakers -- Ann Biderman, Jason Katims, Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, Scott M. Gimple, Armando Iannucci, Greg Berlanti, Kerry Ehrin, Jeff and Jackie Schaffer and Terence Winter.


The Walking Dead (AMC)

It's midday on Oct. 4, the day after the season-four premiere event for AMC's ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead, and newly minted showrunner Gimple already has been back at his Hollywood offices for a few hours following a night spent shaking hands and schmoozing. The famously shy writer-producer seems relieved to have completed the media-heavy day, which included a junket with reporters, red-carpet interviews and a speech at its premiere, which he attended with his wife.

In his first official season as showrunner, Gimple shuttles back and forth between Los Angeles and Walking Dead's rural Georgia set. So he's a little giddy (and relieved) about having scored some rare face time with New York-based AMC execs at the premiere party the previous night. "It's so much more expeditious for us to all be in the same place and move quickly through things," he says while taking a break to sit as his desk, which is covered with The Walking Dead comics.

Given that he's constantly in transit, this day is all about locking in the season's 13th episode, so by 1 p.m., Gimple is conferring with writer/co-executive producer Seth Hoffman and executive assistant Alex Coley Brown. Soon after, he bounces between story meetings and the editing bay. "It would have been a lot more nerve-racking starting something new," Gimple says of his fresh and now seemingly endless responsibilities. "At least here, I know where all the keys are kept." -- LESLEY GOLDBERG

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