Berlin: Download THR's Day 4 'Daily'


The Hollywood Reporter's fourth issue from the Berlin Film Festival features an interview with Emperor Motion Pictures CEO Albert Lee, coverage of THR's glitzy Berlin party and several reviews from the busy festival.

Albert Lee

Lee spoke with THR about the challenges facing the Hong Kong film industry. Asked about the question of Hong Kong's relationship with China he said: "Compromises have to be made because we are two countries as far as films are concerned. They operate on one system and we operate on a very different system."

China's Edgy Realism

The glittering skyscrapers and rising wealth in Beijing and Shanghai have hogged the headlines, but the three Chinese films in competition at the Berlin Film Festival show a new brand of edgy realism in China. Diao Yinan’s Black Coal, Thin Ice, Lou Ye’s Blind Massage and No Man’s Land by Ning Hao are set "outside the glamorous cities," according to Berlin fest director Dieter Kosslick, and they reflect an increasingly important aspect of China's development.

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