Betty White Endorses President Obama for Re-Election

 Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

America's Golden Girl is hoping to see President Obama return to the White House.

Betty White told the Associated Press that while she is bi-partisan and tries not to wade into politics, in part not to alienate fans from both sides of the aisle, she "very, very much favors" Obama for re-election.

The beloved 90-year old entertainer says she's a fan of how Obama "represents us," and gives a thumbs up to the accomplishments of his first term.

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Perhaps she was flattered that Obama paid tribute to her in January's NBC celebration of her long career; the president released a video in which he jokingly asked to see her long-form birth certificate.

Hollywood has been warming up to the president of late; many top stars attended George Clooney's $15 million fundraiser for Obama this week, while many more have come out and praised his newly voiced support for marriage equality.

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