Bill Maher States His Case for Continued Federal Funding of NPR


"I just don't understand why in the NPR case, anybody had to step down. What was the great crime about saying that it's somebody's opinion that the Tea Party is racist? That's certainly not the first time we've heard that. Caught in an embarrassing moment of complete truthfulness is the way I would characterize it.

I don't listen to NPR all day long like some people, but what I hear is completely even-handed. The Republicans would like America to think of NPR as if it's the exact same thing as Air America. We've become so accustomed to calling Fox News fair and balanced, that something that actually is fair and balanced seems to be far left.

But NPR is really just in the business of getting information out. When I listen to Warren Olney [host of KCRW's Which Way, L.A.?], he's got somebody from either side if there's an ideological debate. He's just asking questions. I cannot detect any leftist point of view on that program.

NPR also only gets a few percent of its funding from the federal government, but if that keeps it in places where it wouldn't otherwise be, I think that's money well spent, considering the trillions we spend on bullshit."

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