Blake Lively Debuts a "Brond" Do

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So, what's brond? Says celebrity colorist Kim Vo: "It has a base of caramel brown with a sunbre effect where caramel highlights naturally fade to light golden blond."

Ombre, sombre, lobs, bobs and, now, brond — it’s like the hair industry purposely is trying to confuse us. Although other stars have rocked the look in the past year (Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Hyland among them), the debut via Instagram of Blake Lively’s new brond hair color has brought renewed attention to the in-between hue.

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"Brond is when a blonde and brunette have a love child — blondes tiptoeing in the brunette fountain and vice versa,” explains Kim Vo, celebrity colorist to Kate Hudson, Britney Spears and Katherine Heigl. And no, he tells Pret-a-Reporter, it’s not the same as dark blond or light brown. "Brond is different because it has a base of caramel brown with a sunbre effect where caramel highlights naturally fade to light golden blond, much like how children have natural highlights from the sun."


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While he did not do the Preserve founder's color, Vo says, "I love how she is playing with the darker side of blond. With a peach skin tone, Blake can get away with anything." As for why she went darker for summer, when typically women lighten up their locks, the blond expert says it could be because she’s "preparing to be tan and wants more of an exotic look."

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Also, while brighter blond shades can be difficult to maintain in the sunny season, brond is actually easier. Says Vo: "The color will blossom naturally with the sun, adding sun-kissed highlights to the mix. It’s so forgiving." Furthermore, although he warns against those with porcelain skin or pink undertones adopting the hair color, Vo says, "Most can pull it off because there are so many colors going through it. It’s worn best by those with hazel, green or brown eyes because the bright pieces make the peepers pop."

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