Bob Iger: Disney Might Create Content for Netflix, Amazon

Bob Iger
Bob Iger
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Bob Iger says Disney might create content specifically for Netflix, or some other online entity and that the programming could come from a number of Disney-owned assets, including Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar or ESPN.

"I wouldn't be surprised if, sometime in the near future, you didn't hear about Disney making content specifically for one of the platforms you cite and not necessarily making it for one of our channels," the Disney CEO said during an interview on Tuesday on the Fox Business Network when asked about Netflix, Google and

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"Now, we will continue to feed these great (Disney-owned) channels, but these new platforms are voracious in terms of their appetite for good content, and we can make it," Iger said.

Iger avoided specifics, but he said Disney could create traditional-looking TV shows as well as more cutting-edge fare tailored for online viewing.

"You might get a mini-episode of something on one platform and then, you know, tweets about the story on another, and so on," he said. "You also have a huge, huge explosion of shortform content that is designed for mobile and basically social distribution where you actually have people that serve as the distributor of that content."

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Also during his FBN appearance, Iger addressed Disney's decision to delay the opening of the Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur.

"If we come out with a great film six months later, no one is going to remember that it was delayed," he said. "If you come out with a bad film early, everybody is going to remember that it was a bad film."

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