Boston Bombing: Cable Networks Break In With News of Three Suspects Detained

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Three additional suspects have been taken into custody in the Boston marathon bombing case, the Boston police department stated Wednesday. 

CNN broke into coverage with news of the detained suspects and led its homepage with a breaking news banner. Anchor Ashleigh Banfield reported on the news for the network. Fox News and MSNBC also broke into their programming to cover the news. MSNBC had NBC News correspondent Pete Williams reporting. 

Boston Bombing: Rush to Break News Burns CNN, Fox News

All three networks have cited Boston police saying there isn't a threat to public safety. Williams, citing sources, reports that the three arrested are college students who "who are suspected of removing items from the dorm room" of alleged bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev. The NBC News report says that the items taken from the room include a backpack and laptop. 

The Boston police department issued the following statement: "Please be advised that there is not a threat to public safety. Three additional suspects have been taken into custody in connection to the attack on the Boston Marathon. Aside from the aforementioned, there is no additional info to release at this time. Additional details will be provided when they become available. No info available at this time relative to a press conference."

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