Bruce Springsteen Says Clarence Clemons Needs 'Much Love and Care' After Stroke

Clarence Clemons, left, and Bruce Springsteen
Clarence Clemons, left, and Bruce Springsteen
 Fred Tanneau

Bruce Springsteen is thanking fans for their well-wishes for E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who suffered a major stroke this past weekend in Florida.

Springsteen wrote Tuesday: "By now, many of you have heard that our beloved comrade and sax player Clarence Clemons has suffered a serious stroke. While all initial signs are encouraging, Clarence will need much care and support to achieve his potential once again. 

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"He has his wonderfully supportive wife, Victoria, excellent doctors and health care professionals, and is surrounded by friends and family. I thank you all for your prayers and positive energy and concern. This is a time for us all to share in a hopeful spirit that can ultimately inspire Clarence to greater heights."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Clemons, 69, "underwent two brain surgeries after the stroke and was responsive and in stable condition but still seriously ill."

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Clemons has recorded as a solo artist, and his sax can be heard on the Lady Gaga singles "Hair" and "The Edge of Glory." Gaga tweeted support for her collaborator Monday, writing, "Little monsters, my very close friend + musician on 'The Edge of Glory' Clarence Clemons is very sick. Can we all make some get-well videos?"

Well-wishers are advised to send notes to Clemons at the email address

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