Cannes: The Graceful Way 'Captives' Director Atom Egoyan Reacted to a 'Terrible' Review

Atom Egoyan doesn't shy away from reading negative reviews of his own movies. 

"I read the reviews," noted the director, whose film Captives was screened in competition for critics at the Cannes Film Festival. "I read the terrible review in The Hollywood Reporter -- which I totally disagree with." 

Egoyan's high-profile project, Captives, which features Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, is a drama centered on child abduction. U.S. rights to the project were picked up by A24 Films with a fall release date planned. 

In a Cannes review published on May 16, THR critic David Rooney laid out his decidedly negative take.

"The plotting here is so hopelessly tangled, cliched, and bereft of psychological complexity that it's difficult to care what happens to any of these people," Rooney wrote, adding: "In terms of lame movies being given a prestigious Cannes berth, Grace of Monaco suddenly doesn't look so embarrassing."

The 53-year-old director, in a video interview with THR, likened the festival atmosphere to a "battlefield"  and dispensed advice for filmmakers. 

"My only advice to young filmmakers: my first feature, I received some of the worst reviews," the director said. "And I realized at the age of 23 that if I wanted to do this I had to have an unbelievably thick skin, and I couldn't take anything personally."

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