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Casey Anthony to Leave Jail July 13; Twitter Explodes

Casey Anthony
Joe Burbank/Getty Images

"Who says our judicial system doesn't work," writes one on the site.

Twitter exploded after a court spokeswoman announced Thursday morning that Casey Anthony would be released from a Florida jail on July 13 after serving 1,043 days while awaiting trial.

Comments included:

Sheen300 Mr. 314 ®
Casey Anthony Will Be Released July 13, 2011................for the murder of Caylee Anthony.....................Sad. I Hate This World Smh.

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tjholmes TJ Holmes
U read that correctly.Casey Anthony given credit 4 already serving 1,043 days. Along w/credit 4 good behavior equals release day of next Wed

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel
Casey Anthony could be out by August. Who says our judicial system doesn't work.

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel
Casey Anthony will get time off for good behavior. She killed her kid and lied to the police. I'd hate to see bad behavior.

Boi1da Boi-1da
Casey Anthony is clearly a murderer. Who reports there 3 year old kid missing 3 weeks after she goes missing ???? #CMONJURY

someecards someecards
Sorry Casey Anthony will spend less time in jail than you spent obsessing about Casey Anthony. some.ly/pK2Ytj

TheJillKushner Jill Kushner
So, Casey Anthony might get out of jail before I next get around to doing laundry. This is so bad. All around.
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Anthony's appeared in court Thursday for her sentencing, where a judge ruled she would serve one year for each of the four counts of lying to police in which she was convicted.