The Hollywood Pet Set: 12 A-Listers With Their Animal Companions

More bark than bite? At least at home, that's the rule for the industry's top dogs, from NBC's Robert Greenblatt to CAA's David O'Connor, as they reveal the bonds -- whether canine, feline or equine -- that bring indescribable bliss.
Photographed by Ramona Rosales on July 23 at Sutter's Bel-Air house
Photographed by Ramona Rosales on July 23 at Sutter's Bel-Air house
Ramona Rosales


Eli Roth with Monkey (French bulldog)
Photographed by Emily Shur on July 11 at Roth's West Hollywood house

The name Eli Roth conjures images of blood and guts. But there's a softer side to the 41-year-old Hostel helmer. In fact, the man who spawned the phrase "torture porn" sounds more like a spa aesthetician when discussing his precious French bulldog, Monkey.

"Her skin has all the natural oils it needs, so it's bad to bathe her too often because she dries out," he coos. "Frenchies are a delicate breed." The longtime PETA supporter is so indulgent with his rescue pup that he allows her dining-room privileges. "I know this is a terrible habit, but recently I started putting her in a chair at the table. She used to make all kinds of noise while I was eating; I sat her at the table and she calmed down instantly. So now she joins me for dinner."

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The only caveat: She is forbidden from jumping up and eating Roth's meal. The stern side of Roth does emerge at one point when he issues a time-out, but thanks to obedience training at Bone Sweet Bone in Studio City, Monkey is on her way to becoming a well-behaved pooch — an important feat given her stepping a bit into the spotlight. The 6-month-old dog is currently romantically linked to Moosie, the French bulldog of Paramount senior vp publicity Jessica Rovins.

"We always joke about how we're going to arrange puppyrazzi photos," he quips, adding that his dog is not down for anything harsher than a photo flash. "I wanted to bring her to my last location [for The Green Inferno], but she would have gotten eaten by a python. We were filming deep in the Amazon. It's best that she stays local." — TATIANA SIEGEL


Georgina Bloomberg with Roky Dorcel (Selle Francais gelding)
Photographed by Sarah Dunn on July 23 in Pfungstadt, Germany

Among equestrian insiders, the first thing that comes to mind about the daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is horses, not politics. Georgina Bloomberg jumped in the saddle at 4, started competing at 6 and today, at age 30, shows at grand prix, the highest level on the international show jumping circuit. "I'm calling you on a hot summer day from a very small one-bedroom with no air-conditioning," she says by phone from the Turnier Der Sieger Muenster horse show in Germany. "This is not a luxury vacation. But I fell in love with it."

Equestrian sport is a big business: Prize money can hit six figures, and earning it means impelling your mount over 5-foot obstacles. "It's a humbling sport," she says. And "nobody cares who your father is. Real horse people know it doesn't matter how expensive the horse is if you don't develop your skills."

The entrepreneurial Bloomberg, co-author of the equestrian-themed YA series The A Circuit, also trains young horses like her 8-year-old chestnut, Roky Dorcel, to sell, and maintains a 20-acre farm in Old Salem, N.Y., as well as winter headquarters in Wellington, Fla. She normally rides six days a week for five to eight hours but announced in June her pregnancy with her 36-year-old boyfriend, Argentine rider Ramiro Quintana. Bloomberg hasn't decided how long into the pregnancy she will continue to ride (she is due in January): "I'm taking it week by week, waiting to see how big I get and how quickly." — PAULA PARISI

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Diane Warren with Buttwings (parrot) and Mouse (Cornish Rex cat)
Photographed by Austin Hargrave on July 12 at Warren's Hollywood studio

Allergic to cats? You might want to stock up on Sudafed before visiting Realsongs, the hitmaking music house in Hollywood owned by Grammy-winning songwriter Warren (Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me"). And forget about working there. "I'd have to fire you," cracks Warren. "You'd have to go because she stays."

The "she" is Mouse, Warren's hairless Cornish Rex cat, whom she inherited seven years ago as a kitten from her trainer. "She had these big ears, and I went, ‘What the f— is that?' From then on, she's been my best friend." Mouse's batlike features and markings are a sight to behold, and some of today's biggest music stars have done just that — be it Demi Lovato or Snoop Dogg, who recently worked with Warren on the song "The Good Good." Says Warren, "She got high with Snoop." The session included Warren's parrot, Buttwings ("It was my first time with a bird," Snoop later snickers), a gift from an ex-boyfriend 20 years ago. "If you can call it a gift because he almost bit my lip off," chides Warren — of the bird, not the guy.

Shuttling Mouse from her home in the Hollywood Hills to her office, where writing sessions often keep Warren late at night (she has songs in five major films this year), is a testament to the longtime vegetarian's commitment to animals. She divulges that she can spend upward of $10,000 on vets, food and "a million toys," but Warren also gives back. She donated a song, "You Pulled Me Through," recorded by Jennifer Hudson, for the Humane Society's TV campaign, she has contributed to scores of animal charities, and even an investment in L.A.'s Veggie Grill has a deeper purpose, she says: "To help people not eat animals." — SHIRLEY HALPERIN