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Charlie Sheen: 9 out of 10 'Two and a Half Men' Viewers Say Personal Problems Don't Matter

Charlie Sheen
Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Ever wonder why ratings never slide on the hit CBS show, no matter what Sheen does? A new nationwide poll in The Hollywood Reporter magazine reveals viewers' surprising feelings about the star.

A new THR/Penn Schoen Berland poll - featured in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter (on stands Thursday) -- surveyed 700 Americans ages 13-59 on Feb. 6 to get their opinion on the recent travails of Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen (who is set to return to the CBS set by the end of the month).

Among the surprising results:   *26 percent actually view Sheen "much more" or "somewhat more" favorably after hearing recent news about him.   *90 percent of "avid fans" don't think drug and alcohol abuse problems matter as long as Sheen does a good job on the show.   *Among all viewers, 28 percent of men say CBS and Warner Bros should remove Sheen, 42 percent of women say CBS and Warner Bros should remove Sheen.   *56 percent think that a future episode of Two and a Half Men should address Charlie Sheen’s personal issues.   *96 percent of Two and a Half Men viewers want Sheen to return to the show (only 4 percent want him to quit permanently).   *50 percent say he should take time off to get better and return to the show; 34 percent say Sheen should work through his personal issues and stay on the show; 16 percent say he should quit the show.   *82 percent of women say they will still watch Two and a Half Men despite Sheen's personal problems compared to 76 percent of men.   *59 percent of all viewers believe that Sheen isn't acting on the show but actually just playing himself.   *62 percent say media should leave him alone.