Charlie Sheen Lambasted by Andrew Dice Clay (Video)

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay has some sobering words for Charlie Sheen.

In a new video on the NY Post, Clay attacks Sheen's recent antics, saying he's deluded himself into thinking he's "winning" because no one wants to tell him otherwise.

"You get an opportunity to be on one of the greatest sitcoms of this f***ing decade and then you go on TV and promote f***ing drugs? You call that f***ing winning?" Clay rants.

He also cites Sheen's machete incident, custody battles, "goddesses," cooking show and anti-Semitic remarks as other examples of the actor's failures.

"Take a word of advice. I'm not afraid to tell you," he tells Sheen. "You f***ed up."

He adds, "You're not a rockstar, you're not a comic, you're the biggest f***ing loser in the world as far as I'm concerned, okay? Go get the help you f***ing need need. Nobody's on Twitter watching you, going, 'Hey, Charlie's great, Charlie's winning.' Everybody's watching you fall and everybody's afraid to say it to you."

Clay also suggests that Sheen should use his media status to help tsunami victims, saying, "Maybe he should say something nice … to all those people out in Tokyo and to their families while he's got the f***ing spotlight on him."

Sheen did in fact tweet about the disaster shortly after it happened, telling fans, "pain & devastation in Japan demands us all to dig deep & LOVE THEM VIOLENTLY." Additionally, a portion of all tickets to his upcoming tour, which just added 12 stops, will be donated to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund.

Watch the video below (the Sheen rant starts at 0:56).

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