CNN Staffer Reports Own Layoff in Video

 Courtesy of Lisa Desjardins

In a bittersweet note to colleagues, a CNN Capitol Hill reporter signed off from the news network with a candid video report on her own layoff. 

The video by Lisa Desjardins, styled like a first-person news report, takes stock of the hundreds of layoffs across Turner Networks and the buyout offers at CNN. The reduction in employees via buyout will affect an estimated 600 staffers across CNN and its sister networks.

Desjardin's video is complete with word clouds, thanks to colleagues and — like any last day at work — the clearing out of personal items from the office. 

"Of course, I'm sorry that CNN has decided to eliminate my reporter position on the Hill and cut back on congressional coverage," Desjardins said. "Of course, I'm also sorry that Congress is such a complete mess right now. But, maybe that means we should watch them more closely." 

"Thank you for some incredible years — and also for making sure that I was, in fact, part of the Great Recession," the reporter added.

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