Coldplay, CinemaNX to Produce Film Noir 'Ashes'


LONDON -- Ray Winstone, Jim Sturgess, Lesley Manville, Jodie Whittaker and Luke Evans have gathered for Mat Whitecross’s Ashes, a contemporary film noir backed by pop group Coldplay.

The band is bankrolling the movie with CinemaNX, the film financing and production company backed by the Isle of Man Government, Merzbau and produced by Fiesta Productions.

Written by Paul Viragh and Whitecross, the script was developed with cash from Northern Film and Media, U.K. Film Council Vision and the MEDIA program with shooting scheduled to begin March 21 on the Isle of Man.

The movie is being produced by Esther Douglas and Fiona Neilson of Fiesta Productions. Exec producers are Steve Christian and Marc Samuelson of CinemaNX, Phillip Keir of Merzbau alongside Coldplay’s Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin.

Whitecross’s previous credits include Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, with Andy Serkis as Ian Dury and a brace of documentaries co-directed with Michael Winterbottom, The Shock Doctrine and The Road to Guantanamo.

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