Comic-Con 2012: 6 All-Stars Talk Knife-Wielding Fans, Mortifying Auditions and How Their Shows Should End

David Boreanaz ("Bones"), Stephen Amell ("Arrow"), Joshua Jackson ("Fringe"), Ginnifer Goodwin ("Once Upon a Time"), Jennifer Carpenter ("Dexter") and Lucy Liu ("Elementary") share the secret ups and downs of working in genre TV, from children named after them to fears of being attacked.

THR: Josh, a couple of years ago you held your own "Pacey-Con" at Comic-Con. Who showed up?

Jackson: I sort of photo-bombed Comic-Con one year as Pacey. But to see Comic-Con fans try to put together a Dawson's Creek character, people were just like, "Who are you? What is this music? Stop it." Yeah, so I don't think anybody showed up. I did get arrested, which is always a high-water mark for me, trying to bust in to Comic-Con. The security guard was not happy.

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Boreanaz: I remember that. That was big news.

Jackson: I let myself in and they took me down to a fake jail -- they have a jail with fake characters; Dick Tracy's down there. [Laughs.] They're rent-a-cops, not real cops, so they can't really arrest you, but they just sort of sequester you from the rest of Comic-Con.

THR: You're coming off of a heavily serialized genre show. As you think about what's next, would you do another one?

Jackson: Absolutely. I don't know any actor who would ever say, "That's it, I'm done. I would never work in X, Y or Z ever again."

THR: There are advantages and disadvantages to genre fare, and I think having knives sent to your house probably falls in the category of disadvantage ...

Carpenter: They were nice knives.

Jackson: I always thought that the whole notion of being typecast was a little bit ridiculous, because to get typecast you have to work, which is the goal.

Amell: It means you've been successful. You don't get typecast by being bad at something.

Jackson: I mean, we have a guy [Boreanaz] sitting here who is kind of one of the gods in these [Comic-Con] halls, and it didn't slow you down.

THR: Several of you are on shows that are near conclusion. Do you have a preference for how it ends?

Boreanaz: Wow. I do. I think everybody wants to see Booth and Brennan together. I always loved the Poltergeist ending where he just put the TV out and closed the door. It would be great to see the two of us in a motel and just close the door in the middle of nowhere and just put the "Do not disturb" sign on, and that would be the end of the series.

Jackson: That probably would not happen on Fringe.

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THR: Do you have an idea for how Fringe should end?

Jackson: I do. My show being what it is, I can't tell you, but we have a really distinct ... and very cool wrapping up of the entire series.

THR: So you've been told?

Jackson: Yeah. This year, Joel Wyman, who is our executive producer, has been kind of shockingly forthcoming, because our show is usually pretty impenetrable. But this is the last year, and I guess it's a new leaf. He was like, "I want everybody engaged. I want everybody to know exactly what they're doing."

Liu: You're not leaving this room until you tell us ...

Jackson: It's big, but there's no good way to end a show and not piss somebody off. Part of what's fun about a television show is that people get to fill in the gaps for themselves of who these characters are and the stories that we don't get to see -- but once you come up to an ending, you sort of tell them where everybody finishes up. That being said, it's a big, massive sci-fi set piece at the end but with a really important finale-esque emotional center to it. I sound like a producer now, but it is true.

THR: Jennifer, do you have any ideas on how Dexter should end?

Carpenter: I do, but I don't want to say them because I have an infinitesimal hope that maybe it will happen that way. It would require that my character lives, so we'll see.

THR: David, you made news when you tweeted that after this coming season you were going to be a "free agent." If Bones gets picked up again, is your plan to come back?

Boreanaz: Would I love to come back to the show? Yes. I never said that I was not going to be coming back. I said that the options are always open, which is the truth. I think people take things and twist them a bit out of context, and they make it a little bit bigger than what it really is. But it sure was a fun day, I'll tell you.

THR: How long did it take Fox to reprimand you after that tweet?

Boreanaz: Actually, they didn't say anything to me. I mean, I think that they were just, "Oh, Boreanaz is doing that again." Look, I didn't say anything that crossed the line. I was just having fun.

THR: If you could switch places with another actor on TV today, whose role would you take?

Amell: I always wanted to play a villain, so it's kind of ironic that I'm doing the opposite of that. I want to play the crazy villain in Dexter.

Carpenter: You've got one more year ...

Jackson: It turns out he's the one that sent you the knives. [Laughter.]

Goodwin: I would love to take over Maggie Smith's role in Downton Abbey.

Liu: Oh my gosh, I was going to say, "A role in Downton Abbey would be amazing!"

Carpenter: I want to be a girl on Girls when I'm done with this. Oh, that sounded bad. I want to be one of the girls on the show Girls.

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Jackson: Now we know what the headline is going to be when this comes out! [Laughter.]

THR: What about you, Josh?

Jackson: I would like to be a girl on Girls. No, I'd like to be on Breaking Bad, actually. I love that show.

THR: What's the part that got away? The role you wish you had either auditioned for or been offered?

Jackson: Oh my lord, that's a long list.

Amell: I got really close on Spartacus and I was upset that I didn't get that, only because it just would have been so cool. The other unfortunate thing is, once you get that close, I can't watch the show and enjoy it anymore.

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