Conrad Black Targets Hollywood, CIA in New Talk Show Promotional Video

 Getty Images

TORONTO – Fallen Canadian media mogul Conrad Black takes aim at Hollywood and the CIA in the promotional video for his upcoming weekly TV talk show.

"Hollywood has done as much as anybody to coarsen and diminish America’s prestige in the world, and to dumb down public taste in the United States and beyond the United States," Black says at one point in the video obtained by the Globe and Mail newspaper and being shopped this week to international buyers at NATPE Miami.

Black, who was freed from a Florida prison in May 2012 after serving time for fraud and obstruction of justice charges, will co-host the weekly Canadian TV show, The Zoomer – Television for Boomers With Zip, for Vision TV channel.

He adds: "The CIA has not got anything right in Iran since Eisenhower got rid of Mossedagh" in 1953 (as part of a U.S.-engineered coup in that Middle Eastern country).

Black holds forth at a roundtable, throwing red meat to his conservative audience, while co-host Denise Donlon and guests nod their heads in agreement.

Canadian broadcaster ZoomerMedia plans 26 episodes of the talker, which is slated to launch here in late spring.

An international sales agent hasn’t yet been lined up for the series.

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