Conrad Murray Verdict: What the Pundits Are Saying

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After more than a month on trail, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in relation to the 2009 death of Michael Jackson. He will be held in jail without bail until his sentencing on Nov. 29.

The verdict was read on Monday, Nov. 7 in front of Jackson’s family. Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of acute propofol intoxication after suffering cardiac arrest in his home. Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, has been charged with administering the fatal dose.

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Hollywood spoke out on the verdict, including members of the Jackson family. News pundits were also quick to comment on the verdict.

“I find it egregious of the defense to blame the patient for the outcome,” said Dr. Drew on John King USA on CNN. “To be blaming the patient as the reason, I think that’s a major, major problem.”

"I think tonight I am feeling a sense that justice was done, but I got to tell you, I don’t feel a sense of elation," said Ryan Smith, host of In Session on HLN. "I find myself thinking about his family and what they’re going through. This isn’t closure for them."

“Conrad Murray didn't deliberately kill Michael Jackson, but his negligent actions allowed the death to occur,” wrote CNN’s Piers Morgan.

“Whichever way you viewed the evidence, #ConradMurray 's behaviour was clearly unethical for a doctor. Right verdict,” Morgan added.

"I'm trying to be kind here but...the word 'defense' should be erased from Conrad Murray's defense team. There is no defense," wrote CNN Radio Los Angeles Correspondent Jim Roope on Twitter.

Josh Greenman, New York Daily News opinion editor, wrote, “Conrad Murray guilty of interrupting Herman Cain feeding frenzy.”

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“Wow, watching the Conrad Murray verdict soooo took me back to the Casey trial,” wrote Amanda Ober, News Reporter/Anchor WESH TV, NBC in Orlando.

“I'll discuss how aggressive it was for judge to send #conradmurray to jail immediately,” wrote Dan Abrams, ABC News Legal Analyst on his Twitter.

Alan Duke, LA-based entertainment reporter for CNN, wrote, “Conrad Murray, found guilty in Michael Jackson's death, remains stone-faced, but fans celebrate outside courthouse.”

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