'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Rick Springfield Begs the World To Stop Calling Him 'Rick Springsteen' (Video)

The '80s pop/rock icon dropped by #pretapodcasts to dish on his debut novel and perform a new song (in which he laments, "I wish I'd never seen Miley Cyrus twerk").

Rick Springfield doesn't mind talking about the classic tune that he's still most remembered for (why would he when he still makes more money off that one song than the rest of his entire catalogue combined?) The singer stopped by #pretapodcasts to talk all things "Jessie's Girl," plus topics like spirituality, inopportune erections and his lifelong ambition to write, on the heels of the release of his well-received debut novel, Magnificent Vibration.

And, as a bonus, he treated #pretapodcasts to its first-ever live musical performance with a rendition of his new song "If Wishes Were Fishes."

Listen to the full episode of Off the Cuff, check out his performance video below and be sure to subscribe to #pretapodcasts on iTunes for all the latest episodes.

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