Did 'SNL' steal an Adult Swim sketch?

Twitter war starts after similar 'Tiny Hats' skit airs

Did "Saturday Night Live" steal a sketch for its premiere?

The long-running NBC series ran a parody called "Tiny Hats" -- which is strikingly similar to a segment on Adult Swim of the same name.

Web users agreed. By Sunday morning, #tinyhatswar was trending on Twitter, as New York magazine points out. Watch below and judge for yourself.

The comedians behind the Adult Swim skit, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, also called out "SNL" on Twitter. Wrote Heidecker, "Will there be a 'betty white' sized online movement demanding public apology?" Wareheim Tweeted a link to the original skit and wrote, "Just randomly wanna show y'all this vid we made ages ago."

Heidecker tells New York that "the whole thing is very interesting."

"I woke up this morning to a bunch of tweets mentioning me and saying 'can you believe this skit,'" he says. "I didn't see it last night, but I watched it this morning, and found it to be very similar to our sketch, surprisingly similar, and I think our official position on it is that [recurring fake Tim and Eric corporation] Cinco takes tiny hats very seriously and I don't think that they'd have a sense of humor about making fun of those hats."

He says he's not particularly angry, and thinks it could have just been coincidence, as Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg, among other "SNL" cast members, have appeared on "Adult Swim."

"We understand that we've created something that a lot of people in comedy watch and like, and influences are totally fine," he says. "We draw influences from people all the time."

He goes on, "I don't want to start a big thing here. But it'll be interesting to see what the web does with this."

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