Disappointed Hollywood Giving Obama Cold Shoulder

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As the 2012 election fund-raising cycle heats up, the onetime darling is finding far less enthusiasm from the showbiz donors who tell THR what went wrong.

WHERE OBAMA HAS FAILED HOLLYWOOD: Four issues that have sapped his support among showbiz Democrats

The Environment: Hollywood is far greener than it is blue. Obama's recent decisions to allow more Arctic drilling and to put off more stringent clean air regulations were just the latest in a series of pro-development, pro-business moves. "Like so many others, I'm beginning to wonder just where the man stands," Robert Redford wrote in an August web post.

Unemployment: His Sept. 8 address to Congress notwithstanding, liberal Hollywood feels the president has been inexplicably slow to address persistent unemployment. The industry is instinctually Keynesian; it believes in stimulation.

Gay Rights: Hollywood's gay and lesbian activists still believe that Obama and his administration were slow to support abolition of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Many also feel that he's been evasive on the question of marriage equality, an issue the industry generally regards as the next great civil rights struggle.

Peace: Skepticism about American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan runs deep in Hollywood, where there's a general sentiment that Obama has been far too slow to bring American troops home from the battlefields.

OBAMA'S TOP HOLLYWOOD FUNDRAISERS: Financial "bundlers" pledge to raise money nationwide on behalf of Obama's re-election committee. Of the 244 registered bundlers, nine are Hollywood figures.

  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Ani.: $500,000
  • David Cohen, Comcast: $500,000
  • Andy Spahn, DreamWorks: $500,000
  • Ken Soloman, Tennis Channel: $200,000
  • Clarence Avant, Interior Music: $100,000
  • Ari Emanuel, WME: $50,000
  • Jamie and Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures: $100,000
  • Kelly Meyer, activist and wife of Universal's Ron Meyer: $50,000
  • Colleen Bell, writer: $50,000

Source: Opensecrets.org

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