Why Studios Don't Pay to Make Movies Anymore (Analysis)

"John Carter"
"John Carter"

Fewer films, farmed-out risk, less cachet -- why Hollywood now operates under dramatically different rules.



Co-chairman Amy Pascal probably is the most filmmaker-friendly studio chief in town. She says a “multi-label strategy has been the cornerstone of our approach, which has led to our highest-grossing slate ever with more than $4 billion [in box-office grosses] and nine No. 1 films in 2012 to date.” Sony has denied rumors that the studio is for sale, but it gave up half of George Clooney’s The Monuments Men to Fox and allowed favorite son Adam Sandler to set up his next project, The Ridiculous Six, at Paramount. Problems at parent Sony Corp. have been tough for Pascal, says a source: “In the past, Amy was about emotion and supporting the artist.”


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