Donald Trump Expose Shopped in Cannes

 David Becker/Getty Images

TORONTO – As Donald Trump possibly contends for the White House,  French sales agent Wide House will be in Cannes shopping You’ve Been Trumped, a documentary about the property tycoon bullying Scottish farmers to build a luxury golf course.

And Canadian indie distributor Union Pictures is in talks to theatrically release domestically Anthony Baxter’s expose’ about the Celebrity Apprentice mogul after a recent world premiere at the Hot Docs festival.

You've Been Trumped  is also slated for a UK premiere on June 10.

The David vs. Goliath film captures Scottish farmer Michael Forbes and other local residents defiantly standing in the way of Trump’s bulldozers as they run roughshod over an isolated stretch of sand dunes in Scotland.

Baxter, a radio and TV documentary maker for the BBC and Channel 4, made the film on the cheap, and relied on crowd-sourcing coin to complete the project in time for Hot Docs.

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