The Dreams of Martin Scorsese

 Wesley Mann

Amidst the backdrop of "Hugo," his pilgrimage to filmmaking past, the always insecure director measures himself against the greats, talks mortality and reveals how his 12-year-old daughter rules the roost.


Hugo (2011) | Paramount

Screenwriter : John Logan
Adapted from: The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007) by Brian Selznick

Shutter Island (2010) Paramount

Screenwriter: Laeta Kalogridis
Zero nominations | $294.8m worldwide
Adapted from: Shutter Island (2003) by Dennis Lehane

Bringing Out the Dead (1999) Paramount

Screenwriter: Paul Schrader
Zero nominations | $16.8m worldwide
Adapted from: Bringing Out the Dead (1998) by Joe Connelly

Casino (1995) Universal

Screenwriters: Nicholas Pileggi & Scorsese
One nomination | $116.1m worldwide
Adapted from: Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas (1995) by Nicholas Pileggi

The Age of Innocence 1993 | Columbia

Screenwriters: Jay Cocks & Scorsese
Five nominations, one win | $32.3m worldwide
Adapted from: The Age of Innocence (1920) by Edith Wharton

Cape Fear (1991) Universal

Screenwriter: Wesley Strick
Two nominations | $182.3m worldwide
Adapted from: The Executioners (1957) by John D. MacDonald

Goodfellas 1990 | Warner Bros.

Screenwriters: Nicholas Pileggi & Scorsese
Six nominations, one win | $46.8m worldwide
Adapted from: Wiseguy (1986)  by Nicholas Pileggi

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) Universal

Screenwriter: Paul Schrader
One nomination | $8.4m worldwide
Adapted from: The Last Temptation (1953) by Nikos Kazantzakis

The Color of Money (1986) Buena Vista

Screenwriter: Richard Price
Four nominations, one win | $52.3m worldwide
Adapted from: The Color of Money (1984) by Walter Tevis

Raging Bull (1980) MGM

Screenwriters: Paul Schrader & Mardik Martin
Eight nominations, two wins | $23.4m worldwide
Adapted from: Raging Bull: My Story (1970) by Jake La Motta

Boxcar Bertha (1972) American International Pictures

Screenwriters: Joyce H. & John William Corrington
Zero nominations
Adapted from: Sisters of the Road (1937) by Dr. Ben L. Reitman


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