Dubbing Doc 'Being George Clooney' Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Being George Clooney, a new documentary about the voices around the world who do audio dubbing for Hollywood films, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete its funding.

Helmed by Paul Mariano, the co-director of doc These Amazing Shadows, the film explores audio dubbing of Hollywood films for foreign markets by visiting the men who are the international voices of Clooney. AMong them are a German actor, a Brazilian ER doctor, a Japanese man who studied to be a lawyer and an children's book author.

"As Hollywood depends more and more on international box office proceeds, voiceover dubbing has become a multi-billion dollar business," states the Kickstarter campaign.

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The film, which is currently in production, is aiming to raise $90,000 on Kickstarter with a campaign running Feb. 17 to March 17. Then the production will travel to foreign countries to interview the Clooney voice artists.

The doc is produced by Christine O'Malley, Kurt Norton and Rivkah Beth Medow. Mariano and Norton helmed the 2011 doc These Amazing Shadows, which explored the history of the National Film Registry. It premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was broadcast on the PBS series Independent Lens on Dec. 29, 2011.


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