The Eat Sheet: Hot New Restaurant Gusto

THR’s pick of the week for industry dining is a bite-sized new Italian charmer on 3rd St.

The Quick Pitch: Formerly the chef at well-regarded CulinaVictor Casanova has just hung his own shingle a short drive east at this tiny 35-seater — inspired by Mario Batali’s first restaurant, Po — where the pasta is handmade by a Torchio extruder and the wine list is limited to boutique vintners producing 5,000 cases per year or fewer.

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The Insider’s Dish: How Italian can you get? Casanova’s olive oil guy, Umberto Ferri, tipped him off to the availability of the restaurant location.

The Must-Order Item: Pounded veal sweetbread Milanese with ciabatta crust, wild arugula, Sweet 100 tomatoes and lemon.

The Industry Neighbors: Millennium Films, New Line Cinema, IM Global and Media Arts Group.

8432 W. 3rd St., L.A., 323.782.1778,

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