Emmys Shakeup: 'American Horror Story' to Compete in Miniseries Category

 Smallz & Raskind

This year’s Emmys race just got a lot weirder.
FX's strange drama thriller American Horror Story will compete in the Miniseries and Made for TV Movies category, the network announced on Friday. The move for the freshman series takes it out of the tough competition with the likes of Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Homeland and puts it into a category that some perceive as less tough.

The move comes on the heels of the last year’s winning Miniseries Downton Abbey’s shift this year to the drama series category. Horror Story aired 12 episodes in its first season, more than most mini-series. But its co-creator Ryan Murphy has announced that each season will have a new cast, labeling it an "anthology" series.

“The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Awards Committee and Board of Governors has determined that American Horror Story has dual status qualification in the Drama Series category and Miniseries category for the Emmy Awards,” said FX spokesman John Solberg.

But networks can only submit in one category, so FX has chosen the Miniseries category.

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