'Enlightened' Creator Reacts to Golden Globe Noms: 'It Would Be Nice to Celebrate With a Pickup'

Enlightened's Mike White
Enlightened's Mike White

Ask Enlightened creator Mike White what his HBO show's two Golden Globes nominations mean for the freshman effort and he'll tell it to you straight. 

"It means we may have to grovel a little less for a second season," he quips, adding that he's "stoked" that his low-rated critical darling was recognized with both a best comedy and best comedy actress nomination.

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He takes a beat. "We’ll still have to grovel," he laughs, adding: "Graveling is my forte." 

If you believe White, he had hoped his star Laura Dern would be showered with Globe attention but had given little thought to his show getting nomated in the best comedy category. That both became a reality is a "shock," says the multi-hyphenate, who has already sent congratulatory emails to co-star Luke Wilson and the show's producers.

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“There are so many great shows out there, so many half-hour comedies right now that I’m really a fan of ... the fact that somehow we nudged our way into that, well, I’m just stoked," White adds as he sips his Starbucks coffee waiting for others to wake up so that he can share the excitement.

As for his plans to celebrate, White is consistent: "It would be nice to celebrate with a pickup."

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