Eric Stonestreet's Emmy headed to Kansas

11:00 PM PST 08/29/2010 by Staff report, AP

Tina Fey says Jimmy Fallon has come 'a long way' from 'SNL'

The stars on picking a place for their Emmys and whether Jimmy Fallon succeeded as Emmy host.


Eric Stonestreet: "I'll take it to my parents' house in Kansas City in a couple of weeks."
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Bryan Cranston: "You'd think I would be jaded by now but this such a gift. I am so grateful for this job. I will keep this Emmy with the others on a shelf in my home office."


George Clooney: "The show is really good tonight. Jimmy Fallon is just killing it tonight. He's really funny."

Tina Fey: "I think he was great! I knew he would be. He did just the right amount of singing and dancing. We have all come a long way since ['SNL's' Weekend Update]!"

Piers Morgan: "The line of the night was [about] Mel Gibson. Only Ricky Gervais can get away with jokes like that. I thought Jimmy Fallon was fantastic. There was a lot of warmth for him in the room. People just like him and that came across. The opening number was hilarious."

Compiled by Matthew Belloni, Leslie Bruce, Lesley Goldberg, Lindsay Powers and Stacey Wilson
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